About Us

Megakruze travelling and accommodation as initiated in mid-2008.The company is owned by a young black female individual from previously disadvantaged community, who has skill and a vast experience in marketing project, financial management and sales marketing. The company is a 100% BWO. 


Mission Statement

The company mission is to have efficient services and providing excellent quality to our clients in order to grow the retention of the business. We maintain business environment by implying a multi discipline with service approved and integrity in dealing with our clients and contribute to fostering non-racial equal opportunity work. Our company was formed with careful consideration of the following economic factors. To achieve growth and profitable rates put,


  • The ignorance of our community
  • The lack of skills among the people in our country
  • Zero-impact participation of our youth in the activities.

Our Policy

Our company supports the BATHO PELE slogan, for caring for our community and clients. Madikela Trading is a company that applies integrity, honesty and morals when dealing with clients, staff and suppliers. We strive to help previously disadvantaged people to improve their own lives or local circumstances. We believe we can make a meaningful contribution to our clients.

Norms & Values

  • We put our clients first because they are our success.
  • We make sure that our clients specification and requirements are understood
  • We commit our self to reliability and trustworthiness to all our clients and community we serve.
  • We are governed by the code of ethics and professionalism
  • We are also guided by the general principle of effective utilization of our limited national resources in order to satisfy the human needs.
  • We believe in quality and perfect work-man ship
  • We are results driven


  • To work together with government and non-government organization, private sector and community to identify the needs and meet them in a sustainable and cost effective manner, emphasizing in affordable quality and delivery.
  • To promote sustainable healthy and hygienic practices.


  • The democracy in South Africa is practically established with new municipalities that have some realities and challenges, which need the efforts of both government and the community.
  • In the growth of the company we would like to give back to the community in form of employment of black’s disadvantaged woman, man and disabled people.